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Boiler Management

Controlling internal temperatures and comfort levels in a factory, school, hotel or office is of paramount importance. It is also, after salaries, one of the larger cost bases and the one which is expected to rise faster than almost any other cost over the next five years.
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IT Support

IT Support

Seymour Hicks' in-house independent IT specialists can show you the opportunities available with your current supplier. This will give you the evidence you need to save money, whilst still retaining a good profit margin for your supplier.
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Photocopying and printing contracts can be very expensive and complicated. Seymour Hicks' experts have a wealth of experience of unpicking these contracts to help your business save money, without changing supplier. Read how they helped Knight Frank, a leading estate agent, save over £50,000.
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Property Management

Property management is not a simple job. It requires the management company to be experts in numerous fields, to instigate and project manage several often complex tasks simultaneously and lastly to deliver on time and on budget.
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How much can we save on telephones, land lines and call charges for your business? At no cost to you, Seymour Hicks will analyse your existing telecoms supplier and show you, line by line, how it might be improved.
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Waste companies have traditionally had a relatively simple business model; they charged clients for transporting waste from their place of business to a landfill site. However, as natural resources have become more expensive and production costs have increased, waste has become extremely expensive.
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