Seymour Hicks Achieve Savings of £54,000 For Knight Frank.

Knight Frank Knight Frank is the leading National Independent Estate Agent with 80 offices in the UK. They have an annual turnover in excess of of £350 million and have an active in house procurement department.

The Challenge

1. Knight Frank needed to buy 26 photocopiers with associated software and wished to use their existing supplier. The terms proposed by the supplier were acceptable to Knight Frank.

2. Knight Frank’s three year storage and archiving contract was coming to an end. Knight Frank had negotiated new terms with their chosen supplier and requested Seymour Hicks to validate the offer that they had received.

The Solution 1. We provided evidence to Knight Frank that the terms offered for their photocopier purchase could be improved. Following negotiation with their supplier, we were able to achieve savings of £34,000 (£1,300 per machine).

2. Seymour Hick’s in-house Storage and Archiving specialist analysed the renewal offer proposed and made various recommendations to include:

1. More competitive headline rates

2. A monitored service improvement plan

3. Long term strategy to reduce volumes of storage

4. Measurable Service Level Agreement.

Consequently Knight Frank saved in excess of £20,000 per annum. They now have a workable contract, which measures and ensures service levels will be maintained by the supplier throughout the contract.

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