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“Seymour Hicks have been very useful to the school. Having done an analysis of our telephones, they successfully negotiated mid-contract with our existing supplier a saving in excess of 30%. We were not troubled by having to change supplier and found Seymour Hicks unobtrusive and extremely competent.”
David Anderson, Estate Bursar, Radley College

The Six Step Process:

1. All we require is one detailed invoice or a copy of the contract for the project to be reviewed.

2. Within five working days we will report back with our initial thoughts and findings.

3. Our report will either say a) it is a good contract, therefore no savings or improvements can be made or b) we have identified possible savings. We then agree how to proceed from this point.

4. With a letter of authority, we present our evidence to the supplier and discuss reconsidering their current terms. We return to the client with their supplier's comments or proposals.

5. Once a new agreement has been reached between the client and the supplier, we ensure that any savings and improvements achieved are implemented.

6. Finally, we issue the client with a savings letter for their approval. This details the benchmark, the improvements and how they will be calculated. Only then do we invoice for our share of the savings, in arrears, after the client has benefitted from the savings.

It is important to note that it is not just about cost savings.  Part of our detailed analysis is also to look at the Terms and Conditions, as too often we find that they are costly and heavily weighed in favour of the supplier.

Client involvement

Throughout this six-step process, Seymour Hicks does 90% of the work. Client involvement is restricted to providing a copy bill or a contract/agreement and ultimately the decision to accept the improved contract terms.


The initial analysis takes no longer than five working days, thereafter we always respond within 24 hours.

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