Boiler Management

Boiler Management

Controlling internal temperatures and comfort levels in a factory, school, hotel or office is of paramount importance. It is also, after salaries, one of the larger cost bases and the one which is expected to rise faster than almost any other cost over the next 5 years.

In addition, it is recognised in most cases as being the largest contributor to an organisation’s carbon output.

Whilst a number of measures may already be in place – from up-grading boilers to the installation of a sophisticated Building Management System or simply by implementing Set Back or Night Temperature programmes – one often overlooked strategy is to improve the management of the boilers themselves.

At the heart of the system that Seymour Hicks clients use is the ability to minimize the firing time necessary to maintain the required temperature and comfort conditions.

Using sophisticated sensors – 30 times more sensitive than conventional thermostats – the system will fire the least number of boilers, at the lowest possible temperature, for the shortest possible time, with zero impact on specified space temperature set points or mechanical integrity.

The result is lower consumption of Gas, Oil or LPG, less wear and tear on the boilers themselves and a guaranteed cost saving of 25%.


Subject to a site survey Seymour Hicks clients are guaranteed a minimum 25% reduction in costs.

Site 1 – UK Hotel Chain

Engineers conducted a survey and submitted a detailed report outlining recommendations and expected savings in gas usage.

The Director of Engineering approved the proposal and the system was initially installed in the main plant room of one hotel in the group. The system has now been in operation from September 2006 and has been introduced to other sites.

Site 2 – London Premier Hotel

As noted by the Chief Engineer, space heating and hot water provision are a major cost factor in the hotel sector.

The dilemma for this premier range central London hotel was the need to control costs and the impact of the Climate Change Levy without compromising customer satisfaction – maintaining comfortable temperatures and continuous hot water throughout the hotel.

The Process

i) Site Survey – A no cost one-hour site survey is carried out. It focuses on the boilers, boiler rooms, configuration and auxiliary systems. This information, together with annual spend enable a formal proposal to be developed which will indicate savings.

If projected savings are less than 25% there is no further recommendations. If more, a Test is suggested.

ii) Test Programme - A two-week controlled/uncontrolled burn test is carried out to prove the proposal outlined by the Site Survey.

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