Waste companies have traditionally had a relatively simple business model; they charged clients for transporting waste from their place of business to a landfill site.

Historically that is all that clients required. Historically waste had little or no value.

However, as natural resources have become more expensive and production costs have increased, waste has become extremely valuable.

In January 2003 Mixed Glass was £10-16 per tonne. In January 2013 it was £25-35 per tonne. This kind of inflation is not unusual with numerous waste products showing similar increases.

The change in the last decade has been dramatic with commercial and non-commercial entities committed to improving their environmental profile and often addressing self imposed CSR policies.

Our Client

An independent school with both day and boarding facilities meant that it had a significant waste stream covering everything from food to building materials.  Prior to the introduction of specialist waste management contractors by Seymour Hicks almost 100% of the streams were going to landfill.


Within 12 months 85% had been re-directed to recycling, with little or no impact on the day to day workings of the school.

In addition, our client has avoided double digit increases in landfill taxes, transformed their environmental profile and saved £24,000.

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