Is your business being overcharged?

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At Seymour Hicks we specialise in non-core cost analysis. We know that businesses understand their core product and the associated costs.

 We encourage our clients to ask themselves this question: are you certain your supplier is giving you the best contract terms and prices they can? At Seymour Hicks we specialise in analysing your non-core contract rates and terms to identify specific areas where suppliers can offer improvements.

 Let us show you some examples:

 Merchant Services – On average we are finding that our clients are able to make a saving of 25%, following a review of their costs.

 Printing & Photocopying – Our analysis will show you how your contract might be improved, as we did for one client who only had 3 machines but saved £34,000 over the life of their contract.

 Mobile phone contracts – Nearly three quarters of UK mobile phone bills are more expensive than they should be. Using the latest analytical software tools, we are able to reduce our client’s bills on average by £320 per line.

 Telecoms – following an in depth analysis of one client’s telecoms contract, we made them a saving of £17,000 that’s 35% of their annual spend.

 IT Support & Maintenance – Most IT support & maintenance contracts have headline costs but little other detail. This enables suppliers to hide cost lines where their profits are excessive. As an example, one of our clients had an annual spend of £19,650 and following our review of their contract, hidden savings of £6,225 were achieved.

 These are just a selection of examples of the hidden savings that could be achieved for your business but there are many more areas we can review for you at Seymour Hicks. Take a look at our services page to discover more.

 Contact a member of our team today for a review of your contracts, at no cost to your business.