What gets measured gets done…

The first barrier most organisations face when deciding to reduce their environmental impact is trying to bottom out the impact for which they are actually responsible. Without knowing this it is impossible to set targets, define and implement strategies and evaluate the results.

Which is why so many organisations never get any further than talking about it….

As a company committed to making our clients both cost and environmentally efficient, Seymour Hicks offers a Carbon Benchmark Analysis. This provides the key information needed to develop a comprehensive carbon reduction programme.

It is also something we do free of charge.

The key metrics are:
- Carbon output by energy source Gas/Electricity/Oil/LPG/NG

- Broken down by Month, Quarter and Year

- Consumption by area including Heating, Lighting, IT, Transport as appropriate

As important is the detailed Carbon Action Plan which highlights opportunities and solutions for reducing the carbon consumption.

Would you like to find out how a Carbon Benchmark Analysis might benefit your business?