The Sustainability and Profitability Dichotomy...

Many companies that want to improve their levels of sustainability discover that the levels of investment required are often too high to make the initiative a reality.

Seymour Hicks is firmly committed to helping our clients reduce their environmental impact but we know from experience that Sustainability, efficient and effective Cost Management, and ROI are not mutually exclusive.

This led us to introduce the Seymour Hicks Balanced Green Budget.

The Balanced Green Budget works on the old adage, ‘you can’t spend what you don’t have’ and is a short to medium term strategy to locate the necessary savings to fund long-term capital intensive projects.

Key to the Budget’s success is that Seymour Hicks identifies and implements a number of non investment initiatives. These not only make a significant positive environmental impact but also the savings produce a significant financial contribution towards sustainable projects, which had previously been considered out of reach.

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