The devil is in the detail…

As businesses grow so do operating costs, the number of suppliers, the size of the budgets and the number of decision makers or budget holders…  In short, it can mean that it is difficult to get a holistic view of a single sector or indeed the entire cost base.

Which is why Seymour Hicks developed the Forensic Business Cost Programme.

It looks at the detail behind your costs including:

  • Bill Validation. Where there are fixed contract prices are these being adhered to? Are there rebates due?
  • Price. Is the price you pay correct for the level of service being delivered? We deliver clarity of suppliers margins, resulting in the “right” price for the service given.
  • Contracts For existing contracts… Can you exit them? What are the termination dates and the correct termination procedures? Are SLA’s being met?

These details then form the bedrock upon which existing and new suppliers are evaluated, tenders issued, and new contracts signed.

In addition Seymour Hicks work entirely on a payment by results basis.  This complements your existing team’s activity, in effect having a dedicated procurement facility in your business without the associated cost.