Debit card costs are increasing

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If your average customer spends more than £38 on their debit card, your costs are going to increase during March / April 2015.

Have you budgeted for this?

This is a great opportunity to contact us to review these costs and save your business money.

Three reasons why you should you contact us:
  1. It only takes 10 minutes of your time
  2. The average saving is 25%
  3. We do not charge to review your costs
Take a look at this saving:

2 Aparthotels had costs of £14,000, we reduced these to £8,000!

“Not only did we save a really good percentage of our spend but your customer service and attention to detail was excellent. I particularly liked that you telephoned me to talk through setting the system up, this made it a lot easier as my questions were answered on the spot. The staff were all very patient and helpful.”

Get in touch with Seymour Hicks today, it costs nothing to find out the facts.