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Debit card costs are increasing

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If your average customer spends more than £38 on their debit card, your costs are going to increase during March / April 2015.

Have you budgeted for this?

This is a great opportunity to contact us to review these costs and save your business money.

Three reasons why you should you contact us:
  1. It only takes 10 minutes of your time
  2. The average saving is 25%
  3. We do not charge to review your costs
Take a look at this saving:

2 Aparthotels had costs of £14,000, we ...

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Do you buy vehicle fuel at Motorway Service Stations?

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Motorway petrol is on average £1.20 a litre and the best priced filling station £0.99 a litre.

Are you happy filling your car on the motorway at those prices?

The same applies to utilities, your existing arrangements will, on average be 5 – 7% more than you need to pay.

Seymour Hicks provides clients with net prices (no commission hidden), meaning we will provide better rates than traditional commission based brokers – Prices they cannot ...

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