• Reduced Costs, Increased Profitability and Improved Sustainability

    Businesses understand their core product or service and the associated costs, applying significant focus to those costs.

    At Seymour Hicks we specialise in bringing the same focus to non-core costs, ensuring the total costs for businesses are fair.

    The detail is crucial, we spend the time you don’t have.

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    Reduced Costs, Increased Profitability and Improved Sustainability
Forensic Business Cost Programme

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The Iceberg

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The Balanced
Green Budget

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The Savings and Sustainability Formula

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After many months of frustrating and time consuming effort trying to establish accounts with a major utility provider for our new Retirement Village in Hampshire, I was delighted to pass the responsibility of finding a competitive contract over to David Eckersley and Iain McAlister. Not only did they succeed in saving us money, but also the most valuable commodity of time, thus enabling us to devote our energies to the more constructive and profitable parts of our business. Cliff Meyler, Operations Director

Seymour Hicks have helped us save money in areas where we believed we were already efficient. We were happy with the service from our telecoms provider, so rather than recommending and alternative they liaised with our current provider and ensured they offered us a more competitive contract delivering unexpected savings. They also delivered savings on a 24 month Gas contract securing reduced rates until 2013. Seymour Hicks are now negotiating our copier contract and we are confident that once again they will deliver a competitive contract with the desired level of service. We strongly recommend Seymour Hicks as their business model guarantees that they are only paid once we benefit from savings we chose to take. Open minded business managers should consider using Seymour Hicks' services to provide not only cost savings, but innovative procurement routes which help drive down costs. P N Golding, Financial Director

As a completely new build Academy we believed there would be few opportunities for savings. Iain McAlister of Seymour Hicks reviewed our contracts, validated our bills and ultimately renegotiated uncompetitive contracts. Significant savings have been achieved as well as rectifying overcharging. Iain McAlister and his team managed the whole process quickly and efficiently and we are now progressing other projects. I would have no hesitation in recommending Iain and his team at Seymour Hicks. Joe Gray. ABIFM. GSm. MPLs. MSc., Facilities Manager