• Reduced Costs, Increased Profitability and Improved Sustainability

    Businesses understand their core product or service and the associated costs, applying significant focus to those costs.

    At Seymour Hicks we specialise in bringing the same focus to non-core costs, ensuring the total costs for businesses are fair.

    The detail is crucial, we spend the time you don’t have.

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    Reduced Costs, Increased Profitability and Improved Sustainability
Forensic Business Cost Programme

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The Iceberg

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The Balanced
Green Budget

The Sustainability and Profitability Dichotomy impacts on many organisations… more

The Savings and Sustainability Formula

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Seymour Hicks have been very useful to the school having done an analysis of our telephones they successfully negotiated mid contract, with existing supplier a saving in excess of 30%. We were not troubled by having to change supplier and found Seymour Hicks unobtrusive and extremely competent. David Anderson, Estate Bursar, Radley College

Seymour Hicks have found two savings for us in two areas of  our non-core business and we are continuing to look at other services with them. To date that have managed to find savings of 50% with one of our utility suppliers and we are looking to secure 30% savings within another vital business service. We have found the process from start to finish to be clear and precise and unobtrusive. Not only have they saved us money but it has free up time for us to concentrate on other issues. Finance Manager, Bremont

Our IT department had already identified new equipment and had an existing supplier in place. Seymour Hicks produced clear evidence demonstrating where our chosen supplier could improve their terms and supported negotiations which resulted in £34,000 savings for the firm. I would recommend other businesses consider working with Seymour Hicks and review potential areas of opportunity as we have, as they helped us realise additional service and cost benefits that we would not have secured without their support. David Nash, Procurement Manager, Knight Frank LLP